Accelerating Market-Driven Partnerships

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The Challenge

The world is changing. Similar and mounting challenges are faced by the public and private sectors as social, economic, and environmental pressures change local, regional, and global conditions, including unprecedented population growth, increasingly scarce natural resources, and environmental degradation. Government cannot solve these emergent problems with outdated systems, inflexible institutions, and status quo solutions coupled with increasingly limited resources. Businesses of the future will need to adapt as natural resources become increasingly constrained at the same time that new markets emerge.

The Alliance

To unleash this potential, the Secretary’s Office of Global Partnerships (S/GP) launched the Accelerating Market-driven Partnerships (AMP) program at the Secretary’s Global Impact Economy Forum in Washington, DC on April 26, 2012. AMP, which is hosted by the Tides Center, is a new global collaboration platform that will empower the public and private sectors to identify sustainable investment opportunities that address specific economic growth and development challenges, make investments in innovative solutions to emerging global challenges, and collaborate to scale successful solutions that generate meaningful impact.

The Pillars

AMP is a cross-sector platform that enables stakeholders to invest in, catalyze, and scale innovations that provide economic opportunities while addressing social and environmental issues. AMP aims to facilitate collaboration among corporations, governments, and civil society, to focus on:

1. DEMAND: Identify and aggregate demand across organizations to address shared, targeted business challenges that strengthen the bottom line and yield positive social and environmental returns.

2. SOLUTIONS: Design breakthrough solutions through innovation and entrepreneurship-sourcing strategies that pool unique and diverse resources and data.

3. ACTION: Turn solutions into action by catalyzing win-win partnerships, strategic alliances and new business ventures.

4. LEADERSHIP: Showcase leadership and impact on a global stage.

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