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The United States is designating six individuals for acting for or on behalf of the Iranian state-run media corporation, the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB).  IRIB was previously sanctioned for its involvement in the Iranian government’s censorship activities.  Two of these individuals are responsible for interrogations, which are often conducted in tandem with Iranian security forces.  Four of these individuals are senior employees of IRIB, and have taken actions making IRIB more propagandistic.  We are taking this action pursuant to Executive Order 13846.

IRIB acts not as an objective media outlet but rather as a key tool in the Iranian government’s mass suppression and censorship campaign against its own people.  IRIB has broadcasted forced confessions of Iranian, dual national, and foreign national detainees in Iran in attempts to distort facts and spread disinformation about the ongoing protests in Iran. 

The United States is steadfast in our commitment to supporting the Iranian people protesting nationwide and demanding accountability for their government.  We will continue to hold Iranian officials and government institutions to account for their human rights violations and mass suppression of the Iranian people.

For more information on today’s action, please see the Department of the Treasury’s press release.

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