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SECRETARY BLINKEN: (Inaudible) it’s wonderful to be here. Very much looking forward to the work that we will do both bilaterally and also in the context of the Arctic Council. I have to tell you, as we discussed on the phone – we had the opportunity to talk as well through the – at the NATO meetings – we are very focused on reinvigorating our closest alliances and partnerships and also our engagement in multilateral institutions, and being here really represents both aspects of that effort. A remarkably strong alliance with you and Iceland across so many different levels. You’ve been such a strong voice for human rights, a leader on dealing with climate change, and, of course, a very strong ally in NATO. I know we’re going to have time to talk about all of that and more, as well as getting into the Arctic Council tomorrow. So it’s wonderful to be here and thank you for the very warm reception.

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