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DEFENSE MINISTER GALLANT:  Mr. Secretary, thank you for coming to Israel.  We always know – knew that the United States is a great ally.  But today people in Israel, in the world, see with their own eyes you are here for the second time in this week, senior officials of America are here every day, and the American flag is on – is sailing on boats in the Mediterranean, and we know what is the meaning.

So let me tell you, Mr. Secretary, this will be a long war; the price will be high.  But we are going to win for Israel and the Jewish people, and for the values that both countries believe in.

With your permission, a few words in Hebrew.

(In Hebrew.)

SECRETARY BLINKEN:  Thank you, Mr. Minister.  You know our deep commitment to Israel’s right – indeed, its obligation – to defend itself and to defend its people.  And in that, you have and always have the support of the United States.  Thank you.

DEFENSE MINISTER GALLANT:  Thank you very much, sir.

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