SECRETARY BLINKEN: (In progress) to have a chance to talk about where we are, the challenges that we both face, of course a focus on the hostages and the strong desire that we both have to see them return home to their families, the work that’s being done to that end. I want a chance as well to share with my colleagues what I’ve been hearing from around the region these past few days about many of the important issues that affect Israel, and to hear from them as they see the way ahead. So thank you both for being here this morning.

MINISTER GANTZ: Thank you very much, Secretary, for first of all supporting us, keep coming visit – this is your sixth visit, I believe, I think – and also to say thank you to the entire team. We are definitely dealing in the serious issues for the security of Israel, for the security of the region, and I think here some (inaudible) as well. And the most urgent issue is, of course, to find ways to bring back the hostages. Once that can be done, then peace can be achieved.

SECRETARY BLINKEN: Thank you very much.

U.S. Department of State

The Lessons of 1989: Freedom and Our Future