PRIME MINISTER TRUDEAU:  What a pleasure to welcome Secretary Pompeo here to Ottawa for his first official visit as Secretary of State (inaudible) had lots of chances to (inaudible) spent a lot of time talking.

We have a lot to discuss just ahead of the G7, lots of global issues.  We will, of course, be bringing up the plight of the two Canadians in China and the – both thanking the Americans for their support on that issue and continuing to talk about how we move forward on that.  We’ll also be talking about trade and how important it is to continue to create a global trading system that works for everyone, including for our countries.

But lots of things to talk about, lots of issues to address.  And I’m very pleased to have Mike Pompeo here today.

(In French.)

SECRETARY POMPEO:  Thank you.  It’s great to be here.  Thank you for hosting me here today.  I know you’re heading out tomorrow for an important set of meetings.  I know we’ll talk about some of those things here today.  And I want to reiterate when we get the USMCA wrapped up (inaudible) parliament spoke to that, but I know it’ll be good for the people all across North America.

And please do know that our team is focused on helping those two Canadians be released.  China needs to honor the commitments it’s made to the world and it’s our expectation they’ll do so.  And we’re working on that diligently.  It’s (inaudible) bring them home.

Thank you.


U.S. Department of State

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