Czech Founding Day

Press Statement
Rex W. Tillerson
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
October 28, 2017

On behalf of the United States, we congratulate the Czech people on the October 28 anniversary of the establishment of your country.

The American-Czech relationship is almost one hundred years strong, but the friendship and values that bind our nations have roots that pre-date the actions of Presidents Masaryk and Wilson in 1918. The United States is proud to have stood beside the Czech people on your journey to independence, and we remain your steadfast partner today. As allies, we continue to value freedom and strive to maintain, preserve, and protect it for those whose independence and sovereignty is at stake regionally and globally. Our excellent economic partnerships help to ensure increased prosperity for both our nations. Culturally, we continue to learn from each other through the dynamic exchange of students, professionals, and ideas.

As we celebrate with you today, we also look forward to marking two important anniversaries with you in the year to come as we honor the centennial anniversary of the 1918 creation of the Czechoslovak Republic and the 50th anniversary of the Prague Spring.