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Security Awareness

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FSI training status update: FSI will be in contact with students enrolled in upcoming training to provide specific details. Please visit this link to view courses that are being offered virtually.

The mission critical MQ911 Security Overseas Seminar has successfully be turned into a series of four webinars in order to meet the mandatory requirement of this course as well as protect our students during this unprecedented time.


The Transition Center offers a range of security seminars designed to meet the needs of U.S. Government employees, their family members, as well as private sector organizations, and study abroad administrators. These seminars seek to raise the security awareness for those living and working abroad by helping them identify risks and reduce their vulnerabilities to criminal and terrorist threats. The Transition Center also offers a basic self-defense course to provide USG employees and their families with situational awareness, de-escalation tactics, and basic self-defense skills necessary to protect themselves in dangerous situations.

Online Training Resource


Safety and Security Overseas for Foreign Affairs Personnel
  • Security Overseas Seminar (MQ911) – currently offered as a webinar – Course Details | Email
  • Serving Abroad for Families and Employees (S.A.F.E.) – Email
  • High-Threat Security Overseas Seminar (HT401) – Course Details
 Security Training for the Private Sector
  • Private Sector Security Overseas Seminar (MQ917) – Course Details
  • Study Abroad Administrators Security Overseas Seminar (MQ918) – Course Details
  • IO/NGO Security Overseas Seminar (MQ919) – Course Details

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