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On behalf of the United States of America, I congratulate the people of Serbia as you celebrate your national day.

Our countries have built strong ties over the last 140 years, and the United States looks forward to building an even brighter future together as partners in Europe and on the global stage.  We are committed to supporting Serbia’s goal of European integration, and we encourage comprehensive normalization of relations centered on mutual recognition with Kosovo, which will foster greater security and stability in the region.

We are proud to partner with Serbia on strengthening our economic ties, security cooperation, and supporting Serbia’s energy diversification.  Our economic partnership with Serbia grew significantly in 2021, with new investments in the infrastructure, technology, and agriculture sectors.  We also grew our bilateral defense cooperation, celebrating the 15th anniversary of the State Partnership Program, holding a significant bilateral airborne exercise, and conducting high-level bilateral military consultations.  Our strong bonds stem not only from what we accomplish between governments, but also from the shared endeavors and aspirations of everyday Serbian and American citizens, as witnessed by the Fulbright program’s 30th anniversary and the launching of new academic partnerships between U.S. and Serbian universities.

As we look ahead to building an even stronger bilateral relationship, I wish peace, prosperity, and good health to the people of Serbia.

U.S. Department of State

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