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Please note: This page was updated to offer shortterm housing information to evacuees returning to the Washington DC area due to COVID-19.


For U.S. Government personnel and family members, please contact the Overseas Briefing Center for more comprehensive information about school districts, per diem sliding scales, shuttle buses, and properties that allow pets.

Short-Term Housing in the Washington, DC Area

The Overseas Briefing Center provides a listing of short-term housing options in the DC area, made up of those properties that accept government per diem rates.  Check with properties for their sliding scale policies.  Pet owners should double check on pet policies.  The corporate housing companies that participate in the PCS Direct Billing Lodging Program (noted below) have agreed to accept bookings directly from evacuees.  Any such bookings would be made directly with the companies and payment would be made by the employee to the company.  Check recent department guidance on allowances for evacuations.

DOS Direct Billing Lodging Program

The Bureau of Global Talent Management has a contract with Madison Hospitality-Oakwood Worldwide, Executive Apartments-National Corporate Housing, and Interim Housing-Basic Overnight Quarters, which currently includes properties that provide housing for employees on PCS orders during their training at FSI. Participating eligible employees will not receive the lodging portion of the per diem allowance.  Instead, employees will receive the meals and incidentals (M&IE) portion of the per diem allowance on the usual sliding scale—i.e., 100% for the 1st 60 days, 50% for the next 60 days, and 25% for any days thereafter.  Note regarding lodging per diem: If you chose not to participate in the Direct Bill Lodging Program, the sliding per diem scale will apply to all other housing options. | 

  • Madison Hospitality – Oakwood Worldwide Housing Options – Please visit their website for a complete listing of available properties.  If you require further information on these locations, you may contact | Tel: (703) 488-6848
  • Interim Homes – National Corporate Housing – Please visit their website for a complete listing of available properties.  If you require further information on these locations, you may contact | Tel: (703) 673-9223
  • Executive Apts – BOQ Lodging – Please visit their website for a complete listing of available properties.  If you require further information on these locations, you may contact | Tel: (703) 418-1333 or 1-800-525-0155

The PCS Direct Billing Lodging Program applies to Department of State (DOS) employees eligible for temporary duty (TDY) status during training.

Additional Resources

Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide (AAFSW) Housing Office 
AAFSW offers a variety of housing possibilities (both short-term and long-term) and a listing of rentals in the DC metro area. Many of the housing options are FS-employee owned.  More property listings are available under Online Housing Office and Classifieds  on the AAFSW’s website. Tel: (202) 647-3573 |

Foreign Service Clause
The American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) provides guidance on the use of the Foreign Service clause  in tenant and landlord leases.

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Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) , and U.S. Department of State websites for official guidance and information on COVID-19.

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