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School Contact Information

  • Tel: +65-6360-6315

  • E-mail: | Website: 

  • This Fact Sheet is intended to provide general information. For more information, contact A/OPR/OS ( / +1-202-261-8200) or the school directly.

Logo for Singapore American School

Singapore American School is an independent, nonprofit, coeducational day school, which offers an exemplary American education with an international perspective for students from preschool to grade 12. The school year comprises two semesters extending from August 4 to December 11 and from January 11 to June 4.

Organization: The school is governed by a 12-member board elected for three-year terms by the parents of students enrolled at the school.

Curriculum: SAS is committed to innovative education, personalized learning, and extraordinary care. Instruction is in English. The school offers a Chinese Immersion program; daily language classes in Mandarin or Spanish for elementary students; and every-other-day classes in French, Chinese, and Spanish for middle and high school students. SAS has the largest Advanced Studies program inclusive of Advanced Placement and Advanced Topics courses outside of the United States. The school’s testing program includes the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) and College Board exams. It is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) in the U.S., and most graduates go on to colleges and universities in the United States.

Faculty: In 2020-2021 school year, there are 420 (inclusive of 27 administrative staff members) full-time and 7 part-time staff members.

Enrollment: At the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, enrollment was 4,052 (PS-12). Enrollment by grades as of August 26, 2020, was preschool-pre-kindergarten: 157 students; kindergarten-grade 2: 743 students; grades 3-5: 949 students; grades 6-8: 990 students; and grades 9-12: 1,213 students.

Facilities: The school is located on a 36-acre campus approximately a 25-minute drive from downtown Singapore and adjacent to a housing development attracting expatriates. School facilities include three separate divisions for the elementary, middle, and high schools. Each division has its own classrooms, library, offices, and support facilities. Support facilities include eight air-conditioned gymnasiums; three outdoor covered play areas; three swimming pools; three cafeterias; five tennis courts; a 1,000-seat stadium; track and field, baseball, softball, soccer, and rugby fields; and a natural rainforest. Middle and high school facilities include scientific laboratories; a technology help center; fitness/aerobic and weight training rooms; and classrooms for robotics, innovation, business/entrepreneurship, engineering science, and applied technology (3-D graphics and animation, AP Computer Science, etc.). The campus also includes a variety of performing arts facilities, including an 850-seat auditorium; a 350-seat drama theater; a 750-seat elementary theater; and designated classroom spaces for music, art, and drama. Though the campus is large, the divisions are organized in a manner offering a “small-school experience” to younger children.

Finances: In the 2020-2021 school year, about 94 percent of the school’s income derives from enrollment-related charges including application, tuition, and registration fees. The total cost of attendance for a RETURNING student (including reenrollment fees and Singapore taxes) are as follows (all fees are quoted in Singapore dollars):


RETURNING STUDENTS Reenrollment Facility Tuition Total
Prekindergarten $2,500 $6,313 $22,168 $30,981
Kindergarten-grade 5 $2,500 $6,313 $30,351 $39,164
Middle School (grades 6-8) $2,500 $6,313 $33,522 $42,335
High School (grades 9-12) $2,500 $6,313 $35,328 $44,141

Tuition costs per student (in Singapore dollars) for NEW students for 2019-2020 school year are as follows: Priority lane 1 – Student/Parent holding a U.S. Passport/Green Card.  Priority lanes 2 to 4 – Student/Parent not holding a U.S. Passport/Green Card.


NEW STUDENTS Application Registration Facility Tuition Total
Lane 1 Lane 2-4 Lane 1 Lane 2-4
Preschool and Prekindergarten $2,500 $7,490 $9,630 $7,383 $22,168 $39,541 $41,681
Elementary $2,500 $7,490 $9,630 $7,383 $30,351 $47,724 $49,864
Middle School (grades 6-8) $2,500 $7,490 $9,630 $7,383 $33,522 $50,895 $53,035
High School (grades 9-12) $2,500 $7,490 $9,630 $7,383 $35,328 $52,701 $54,841

Information and statistics are current as of September 2020 and are provided by the school.

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