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Special Representative for City and State Diplomacy Ambassador Nina Hachigian will participate in the Munich Security Conference, February 17-19, in Munich, Germany. This annual conference on international security will bring together Heads of State, government officials, international organization representatives, mayors, local government leaders, and security experts to discuss key global security policy challenges.

Ambassador Hachigian will participate in the Munich Security Conference Townhall on the Role of Substate Actors and a panel on Cities as Guardians of Democracy? Challenges and Opportunities, hosted by the BMW Foundation. She will also meet with government officials, mayors, and governors to discuss ways the new Subnational Diplomacy team can coordinate the Department’s engagement with cities and states in the United States and around the world on security issues, climate change, and democracy renewal.

To stay updated, follow Special Representative for City and State Diplomacy Nina Hachigian on Twitter: @SubnationalDip .

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