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The Privacy Act of 1974 establishes safeguards for the protection of certain records, which the federal government collects and maintains on United States citizens and aliens lawfully admitted for permanent residence.  The Privacy Act only pertains to information that is maintained in a system of records (hereinafter called “system”), while a “record” is an item of information about an individual, including his or her name or some other identifier.  A “system of records” is distinguished from other kinds of personal records in that a record in the system is retrieved by an individual’s name or other personal identifier.

Agencies are required to publish notices describing the existence and nature of a new or revised system in the Federal Register and to review and update these System of Records Notices (SORNs) biennially as necessary.  A SORN is intended to inform the public of:

  1. what kinds of personal information federal agencies maintain,
  2. how agencies limit the uses and disclosures of the information to only those compatible with the purpose for which the information was collected, and
  3. how an individual might request access or seek redress to their information.

Click here to access the list of final rules for published SORNs.

SORN PDF Version Federal Register
Board of Appellate Review Records, STATE-02 PDF [122 KB] 67 FR 30753 
Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs Contact List, STATE-03 PDF [13 KB] 66 FR 54320 
Child Care Subsidy Program Records, STATE-32 PDF [15 KB] 66 FR 53824 
Communications Personnel Training Records, STATE-57 PDF [13 KB] 53 FR 16208*
Confidential Statement of Employment and Financial Interests Records, STATE-04 PDF [12 KB] 42 FR 49701*
Congressional Correspondence Records, STATE-43 PDF [13 KB] 66 FR 29625 
Congressional Travel Records, STATE-44 PDF [14 KB] 62 FR 36863 
Contractors Records, STATE-45 PDF [10 KB] 42 FR 49724*
Coordinator for Combatting Terrorism Records, STATE-06 PDF [13 KB] 42 FR 49702*
Country Clearance Records, STATE-77 PDF [14 KB] 76 FR 61132 
Cryptographic Clearance Records, STATE-07 PDF [128 KB] 88 FR 31575 
Cultural Property Advisory Committee Records, STATE-63 PDF [14 KB] 66 FR 29621 
Digital Communication and Outreach, STATE-79 PDF [122 KB] 78 FR 54946 
Educational and Cultural Exchange Program Records, STATE-08 PDF [258 KB] 85 FR 45946 
Electronic Media Photographers Records, STATE-66 PDF [14 KB] 66 FR 29624 
Email Archive Management Records, STATE-01 PDF [91 KB] 88 FR 43409 
Employee Contact Records, STATE-40 PDF [278 KB] 83 FR 17873 
External Research Records, STATE-10 PDF [14 KB] 42 FR 49704*
Extradition Records, STATE-11 PDF [15 KB] 67 FR 30754 
Family Advocacy Case Records, STATE-75 PDF [14 KB] 74 FR 330 
Family Liaison Office Records, STATE-50 PDF [274 KB] 83 FR 50432 
Fine Arts Records, STATE-46 PDF [12 KB] 42 FR 49724*
Foreign Assistance Inspection Records, STATE-48 PDF [14 KB] 42 FR 49725*
Foreign Service Employee Locator/Notification Records, STATE-12 (rescinded – see STATE-40) 83 FR 33970
Foreign Service Grievance Board Records, STATE-13 PDF [13 KB] 42 FR 49706*
Foreign Service Institute Records, STATE-14 PDF [97 KB] 88 FR 29960 
Garnishment of Wages Records, STATE-61 PDF [14 KB] 61 FR 53259 
Global Financial Management System, STATE-73 PDF [12 KB] 73 FR 40651 
Human Resources Records, STATE-31 PDF [176 KB] 88 FR 23487
Identity Management System (IDMS), STATE-72 (rescinded) PDF [118 KB] 85 FR 46776 
Information Access Programs Records, STATE-35 PDF [17 KB] 77 FR 48199 
Integrated Logistics Management System, STATE-70 PDF [125 KB] 87 FR 3883 
Intelligence and Research Records, STATE-15 PDF [13 KB] 42 FR 49707*
International Conference Delegates Records, STATE-16 PDF [12 KB] 42 FR 49707*
International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) Personnel Records (INLPR), STATE-74 PDF [14 KB] 73 FR 61918 
International Organizations Records, STATE-17 PDF [14 KB] 42 FR 49707*
Labor Attache Records, STATE-18 PDF [12 KB] 42 FR 49708*
Law of the Sea Records, STATE-19 PDF [7 KB] 42 FR 49708*
Legal Adviser Attorney Employment Application Records, STATE-20 PDF [15 KB] 67 FR 30755 
Legal Case Management Records, STATE-21 PDF [279 KB] 83 FR 28707 
Medical Records, STATE-24 PDF [136 KB] 88 FR 29171 
Munitions Control Records, STATE-42 PDF [125 KB] 87 FR 6224 
Network User Account Records, STATE-56 PDF [413 KB] 82 FR 58475 
Office of Foreign Missions Records, STATE-81 PDF [277 KB] 80 FR 78812 
Office of Freedom of Information, Privacy and Classification Review WAE Re-employed Annuitants and Contractor Records, STATE-51 PDF [15 KB] 59 FR 4131*
Office of Inspector General Time Sheet System, STATE-67 PDF [11 KB] 67 FR 60278 
Office of the Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization Records, STATE-68 PDF [17 KB] 75 FR 52797 
Office of the Inspector General Investigation Management System, STATE-53 PDF [22 KB] 78 FR 42149 
Official Gift Records and Gift Donor Vetting Records, STATE-80 PDF [25 KB] 80 FR 30525 
Ombudsperson Mechanism Records, STATE-83 PDF [185 KB] 82 FR 43637 
Overseas Citizens Services Records and Other Overseas Records, STATE-05 PDF 88 FR 80804 
Parking Permit and Car Pool Records, STATE-52 PDF [13 KB] 76 FR 22444 
Passport Records, STATE-26 PDF [48 KB] 80 FR 15653 
Personal Property Claims Records, STATE-27 PDF [71 KB] 77 FR 65048 
Personal Services Contractor Records, STATE-76 PDF [12 KB] 76 FR 52378 
Personality Cross Reference Index to the Secretariat Automated Data Index Records, STATE-28 PDF [13 KB] 42 FR 49715*
Personality Index to the Central Foreign Policy Records, STATE-29 PDF [14 KB] 42 FR 49716*
Personnel-Payroll Records, STATE-30 PDF [17 KB] 63 FR 7039 
Post Capabilities Database (PCD), STATE-71 PDF [11 KB] 74 FR 65586 
Procurement Career Management Information System, STATE-58 PDF [15 KB] 58 FR 32560*
Protocol Records, STATE-33 PDF [67 KB] 81 FR 9922 
Public Notice on Integration of USIA & ACDA Records PDF [26 KB]
Records Maintained by the Office of Civil Rights, STATE-09 PDF [95 KB] 75 FR 70342 
Records of the Bureau of Public Affairs, STATE-22 PDF [13 KB] 75 FR 70343 
Records of the Domestic Accounts Receivable Tracking System, STATE-23 PDF [13 KB] 62 FR 61570 
Records of the Office of Citizen Exchanges, STATE-62 PDF [14 KB] 66 FR 29621 
Records of the Office of White House Liaison, STATE-34 PDF [16 KB] 77 FR 57639 
Records of the Office of the Assistant Legal Adviser for International Claims and Investment Disputes, STATE-54 PDF [14 KB] 73 FR 35189 
Refugee Case Records, STATE-59 PDF [18 KB] 77 FR 5865 
Risk Analysis and Management Records, STATE-78 PDF [116 KB] 87 FR 16542 
Rover Records, STATE-41 PDF [15 KB] 60 FR 66335 
Secretariat Contact Records, STATE-84 PDF [219 KB] 85 FR 52185 
Security Records, STATE-36 PDF [301 KB] 83 FR 28058 
Senior Personnel Appointments Records, STATE-47 PDF [17 KB] 64 FR 921 
Service Contributors Records, STATE-64 PDF [14 KB] 66 FR 29622 
Skills Catalogue Records, STATE-49 PDF [12 KB] 43 FR 45957*
Speaker/Specialist Program Records, STATE-65 PDF [13 KB] 74 FR 65587 
Translators and Interpreters Records, STATE-37 PDF [73 KB] 77 FR 65049 
Vendor Records, STATE-38 PDF [13 KB] 42 FR 49721*
Visa Records, STATE-39 PDF [120 KB] 83 FR 28062 
WebMove Records, STATE-69 PDF [18 KB] 71 FR 8883 
World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers Mailing List, STATE-55 PDF [13 KB] 66 FR 21806 
Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs and Related Records, STATE–60 PDF [101 KB] 88 FR 23487

Prefatory Statement of Routine Uses PDF [12 KB]

*** only covers documents published starting in January of 1994 (volumes 59-current). Documents published before 1993 (Volumes 1-58) may be available online at FDSys  or via a Federal Depository Library . If the FR citation is not linked below please visit those websites*

For System of Records Notices prior to 2017, visit

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