New START Treaty Aggregate Numbers of Strategic Offensive Arms

Fact Sheet
Bureau of Arms Control, Verification and Compliance
February 22, 2018

(The U.S. data in this Fact Sheet was provided to the Russian Federation in accordance with the Treaty. The Russian data in this Fact Sheet comes from a February 5, 2018, Russian MFA Press Statement. The United States expects to receive the same information from the Russian Federation through official Treaty channels in the near future. Each Party’s data, current as of February 5, is to be provided to the other Party within 30 days of February 5.)

Category of Data

United States of America

Russian Federation

Deployed ICBMs, Deployed SLBMs, and Deployed Heavy Bombers



Warheads on Deployed ICBMs, on Deployed SLBMs, and Nuclear Warheads Counted for Deployed Heavy Bombers



Deployed and Non-deployed Launchers of ICBMs, Deployed and Non-deployed Launchers of SLBMs, and Deployed and Non-deployed Heavy Bombers