Office of Security Negotiations and Agreements (PM/SNA)

The mission of Security Negotiations and Agreements (PM/SNA) is to strengthen the nation's security partnerships throughout the world by coordinating, negotiating and concluding international agreements to meet U.S. security requirements.

To accomplish this mission, PM/SNA leads the U.S. Government's negotiation of status of forces agreements (SOFA), defense cooperation agreements (DCA), cost-sharing special measures agreements (SMA), and facilities access agreements, transit and overflight arrangements, and state flights agreements. PM/SNA also coordinates policy reviews and approvals for logistics agreements, such as acquisition and cross servicing agreements (ACSA), which are normally negotiated by the Department of Defense. Collectively, these agreements facilitate the deployment and movement of U.S. forces and materiel abroad and provide legal protections for U.S. service members operating overseas. PM/SNA covers the globe to support U.S. security responsibilities.

Since the beginning of 2017, PM/SNA negotiated landmark defense agreements with Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ghana, and the United Arab Emirates, concluded a SOFA with Cabo Verde, a rail-transit agreement and an Air Navigation Fees Agreement with Kazakhstan, a new agreement with Iceland over facilities, and coordinated renewal of agreements with Guatemala, Bahamas, Nicaragua, and Panama. PM/SNA was instrumental in concluding a new agreement clarifying the scope of the civilian component with the Government of Japan and an Air Transport, Air-to-Air Refueling and other Exchange of Services Agreement that facilitates Department of Defense participation in NATO missions and contingency operations. Finally, PM/SNA supported the Department of Defense's completion of ACSAs with the European Union, the Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico and the Netherlands. The office is currently engaged in or coordinating talks with Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, Gabon, Honduras, Hungary, Jordan, Jamaica, Norway, Slovakia and others in the Middle East to ensure adequate status protections for DoD personnel and in some cases to allow for access to specific facilities and the prepositioning of materiel. PM/SNA is leading the 10th SMA negotiations with the Republic of Korea in 2018. In leading these efforts, PM/SNA draws on expertise provided by the Office of the Secretary of Defense, DoD's Office of General Counsel, the Joint Staff, and regional bureaus and the Office of the Legal Adviser at State, as well as by Embassies and the geographic Combatant Commands.