Regional Security and Security Assistance

Office of Regional Security and Arms Transfers (PM/RSAT)

Date: 03/22/2017 Description: U.S. manufactured MRAPs delivered to Iraq under the Excess Defense Articles program. - State Dept ImageThe Office of Regional Security and Arms Transfers (PM/RSAT) advances U.S. foreign policy and national security interests through its management of bilateral/multilateral political-military and regional security relations and the sale/transfer of U.S.-origin defense articles and services to foreign governments. PM/RSAT is the Department of State’s principal entry point for bilateral and regional political-military questions from the USG interagency and foreign governments. Learn more»

Office of Security Assistance (PM/SA)

Date: 04/29/2012 Description: U.S. Army special forces Captain speaks with troops from the Central African Republic and Uganda, in Obo, Central African Republic, Sunday, April 29, 2012. © AP Image The Office of Security Assistance directs over $6 billion annually in U.S. military grant assistance to allies and partners and coordinates with the U.S. Department of Defense to build the military capabilities of partners and allies worldwide. Learn more»