Peace Operations Capacity Building Division (POCB)

The Peace Operations Capacity Building Division (POCB) is responsible for managing, administering, and overseeing two key peace operations capacity building programs: the U.S. Global Peace Operations Initiative (GPOI) and the U.S. African Peacekeeping Rapid Response Partnership (APRRP).

U.S. Global Peace Operations Initiative (GPOI)

GPOI is a State Department-funded security assistance program focused on strengthening the international capacity and capabilities of partner countries and regional organizations to execute UN and regional peace operations.

GPOI’s mission is to enhance partner countries’ self-sufficient peace operations proficiencies and build the capacity of the UN and regional organizations to conduct such missions.

Key program objectives are to:

  • Build self-sufficient peace operations capacity in partner countries;
  • Support partner countries’ development and employment of critical enabling capabilities;
  • Enhance partner country operational readiness and sustainment capabilities;
  • Strengthen partner country rapid deployment capabilities;
  • Expand the role of women and enhance gender integration; and
  • Build UN and regional organizations’ capabilities.

As of November 2018, GPOI partners with 54 active partner countries around the world, as well as the UN and three regional organizations: the African Union, the Economic Community of West African States, and the Economic Community of Central African States. POCB GPOI program managers and implementers also work closely with other donor countries to coordinate and collaborate on international capacity building efforts.

U.S. African Peacekeeping Rapid Response Partnership (APRRP)

APRRP was announced as a key peace and security initiative at the August 2014 U.S.-Africa Leaders’ Summit. APRRP complements GPOI by providing targeted resources to help generate and rapidly deploy peacekeepers in six partner countries – Ghana, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, and Uganda – in support of an AU or UN peace operation.

APRRP’s mission is to build, strengthen, and institutionalize the capabilities of APRRP partner countries to rapidly respond to crises on the African continent.

Key program objectives are to:

  • Assist partner countries to strengthen and institutionalize capabilities and processes to plan, rapidly deploy, and establish future peace operations; and
  • Help partners build and institutionalize capabilities that enable self-sustainment of rapid response mechanisms.

While the focus of APRRP activities is primarily on the military capabilities that underlie the core of a rapid response force, it also provides assistance for police, particularly formed police units, in support of rapid crisis response requirements.