Humanitarian Operations

The Denton Program

Department of Defense transport assets (shown) are the lynchpin of the Denton Program

The Denton program permits the Defense Department to provide transportation of privately donated humanitarian assistance cargo to foreign countries using military transportation on a space-available basis. The program is authorized under the Jeremiah Denton Amendment to title 10 U.S.C., section 402. There is no cost to the donating agency or organization for U.S. Government transportation-related costs.

The Excess Property Program

The Excess Property (EP) program, permits the Defense Department to make available, prepare, and transport non-lethal excess property to foreign countries when requested by the State Department. The program is authorized by 10 U.S.C., section 2557. Preparation, transportation, and provision of EP are authorized by 10 U.S.C., section 2561. Through the EP program, the Defense Department donates and distributes property excess to its needs to contribute to U.S. government efforts to avert humanitarian crises, promote democratic development and regional stability, and enable countries to recover from conflict.

The Humanitarian Assistance Program

The Humanitarian Assistance (HA) program is authorized by title 10 U.S.C., section 2561, and its projects are funded by the Overseas Humanitarian, Disaster and Civic Aid (OHDACA) Appropriation. Projects include the refurbishment of medical facilities, construction of school buildings, digging of wells, improvement of sanitary facilities, and training of host country personnel in internally displaced person and refugee repatriation operations, as well as in disaster relief and emergency response planning. HA projects may be done in association with a military operation or exercise.

The Humanitarian and Civic Assistance Program

The Humanitarian and Civic Assistance (HCA) program, authorized by title 10 U.S.C., section 401, permits U.S. military forces to carry out humanitarian assistance projects as part of training missions overseas. Typical projects include medical, dental, and veterinary care in rural areas, as well as drilling and construction of basic water and sanitation facilities.

Funded Transportation Program

Helicopter in funded transportation programThe Funded Transportation program is conducted under the authority available for humanitarian assistance, title 10 U.S.C., section 2561. The Funded Transportation program permits transportation of cargo and Defense Department non-lethal excess property worldwide for non-governmental organizations and international organizations. This authority provides for the actual cost of transportation and payment of any associated administrative costs incurred.