Office of International Security Operations: Strategic Engagement Branch (SEB)


Promote foreign policy dialogue between the Department of State and the Department of Defense, thereby increasing the understanding of shared equities, capability gaps, and mutually supportive strategies.


The Strategic Engagement Branch formally manages DoD requests for State support to a full spectrum of training, education, and exercises. SDI also facilitates engagements between senior State and DoD officials. Our team reviews each request, clarifies requirements and expectations with the requestor, identifies State equities, and solicits support across appropriate portions of theDepartment to ensure appropriate personnel are matched to each DoD requirement and that both departments receive the maximum benefit from their interaction.

The number of SDI-supported events has expanded dramatically since 2009. These events have enlisted the expertise of State subject matter experts from nearly every bureau and affect the missions and training of more than 500,000 DoD personnel.

The impact of our work is seen through increased familiarity and fluidity between institutions, cultures, and processes. This interagency cooperation fosters learning and trust through information and process sharing.

Examples of some of the efforts we support include:


Predeployment training across all services, organizational levels, and areas of responsibility.


Professional education training across all services and ranks.


All major Combatant Command exercises from development through execution, as well as certification exercises as part of pre-deployment training activities.


Broad-spectrum engagements between DoD and DOS strategic leaders, spanning all levels from Service Chiefs and Ambassadors to the Joint Staff and the State Department's Executive Secretariat.

Coordinate an Event

To best meet the objectives for each event, we request all points of contact (POCs) complete a support request form (SRF) prior to event coordination. Please contact our office via email for the current version of the Support Request Form at