Political-Military Action Team (PMAT)

PM/ISO maintains a 24/7 watch center, known as the Political-Military Action Team (PMAT). The PMAT is staffed by personnel with extensive diplomatic and military expertise to provide various functions, to include:

  • Coordinating military operations with the National Joint Operations and Intelligence Center (NJOIC), geographic combatant command centers, and the State Department Operations Center.
  • Providing diplomatic information to military command centers and to Foreign Policy Advisors (POLADs) assigned to military commands.
  • Publishing the twice-daily Political-Military Situation Report (available via classified e-mail and at the PMAT classified website).
  • Processing diplomatic aircraft and ship clearance applications or amendments -- and handling related interagency inquiries -- on nights, weekends & holidays.
  • Serving as the initial point of contact for unresolved radiological alarms for the Nuclear Trafficking Response Group (NTRG).
  • Serving as the PM Bureau Representative to State Department task forces.
  • Serving as the PM Bureau Duty Officer.

PMAT contact information: