U.S. Security Cooperation With the Baltic States

Fact Sheet
Bureau of Political-Military Affairs
October 26, 2018

The United States has a robust and enduring security partnership with the three Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Since 2016 we have convened the U.S.-Baltic Security Cooperation Dialogue to broaden and deepen our range of security cooperation activities and address Baltic-wide security gaps. Security assistance programs like Foreign Military Financing (FMF) and International Military Education and Training (IMET) have enhanced territorial defense capabilities and promoted interoperability with the United States and NATO.

Since 2014, the United States has sold approximately $272.9 million worth of U.S. origin defense articles and services to the Baltic countries under the Foreign Military Sales program with national funds and FMF.

Since January 2014, the U.S. has also authorized over $322.92 million in defense articles to the Baltic countries via the Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) process.

Since 2015, the United States’ FMF contribution to the Baltic states exceeded $150 million. This is due in part to the resurgence of Russian aggression over the past few years. U.S. support through FMF has developed defensive capabilities, such as electronic and hybrid warfare, border security, and maritime and air domain awareness. It has also increased the Baltic states’ interoperability with NATO armed forces and contributes to NATO’s defense and deterrence posture in the region.

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania also each receive about $1.2 million annually in IMET assistance to support professional military education for approximately 150 mid-level and senior military officers at Department of Defense (DoD) schools in the United States.

Further, since 2015, DoD has notified to Congress its intent to provide $290 million in Title 10 funded train and equip programs for the Baltic states. This includes approximately $173 million in FY 2018 funds alone.

In 2017, the United States signed Defense Cooperation Agreements with Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. These foundational agreements establish the framework for enhanced partnership and defense and security cooperation between the United States and our NATO Allies. Together with the NATO Status of Forces Agreement, these agreements provide the full necessary legal framework for U.S. forces operating in the Baltic countries.

For more than 20 years, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have collaborated with the Maryland, Michigan, and Pennsylvania National Guard units, respectively, through the State Partnership Program, which brings together military personnel for training, education, and related activities.

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