2015 To Walk the Earth in Safety: East Asia and Pacific--Other U.S. Support

Bureau of Political-Military Affairs

From FY1993 through FY2013, the United States provided more than $14.7 million to support EOD and clearance in Thailand. In FY2014, the U.S. government contributed $1.8 million for CWD in Thailand.

The Department of State did not fund activities in Thailand, but the Department of Defense funded the following initiatives:

• HD R&D partnered with the Thailand Mine Action Center to initiate an evaluation of the Quadcopter and continued an evaluation of the Mini MineWolf, an earth tilling system capable of clearing anti-personnel landmines and anti-vehicle mines. The Mini MineWolf is currently opening access lanes for manual deminers and conducting technical survey of large areas of suspect minefields. To date, the Mini MineWolf has cleared 140,000 square meters (34.6 acres) and encountered 480 anti-personnel landmines, anti-vehicle mines and pieces of UXO. Evaluations also continued on other demining equipment, including the small Wolverine Vegetation Cutter.

• USPACOM deployed military EOD personnel to Thailand to conduct UXO disposal training, which included instruction in UXO education and risk reduction, first-responder medical training with an emphasis on blast-trauma injuries, conventional munitions stockpile assessments and training, and program assessments. The OHDACA appropriation funded travel, supplies, equipment, and services.

 Date: 2015 Description: Thailand Mine Action Center Director General Norapoompipat Krisda visits the operations site of the Mini MineWolf, where technology worth $1.4 million was provided by the HD R&D program for long-term evaluation.  © Photo courtesy of HD R&D.