2015 To Walk the Earth in Safety: Croatia

Bureau of Political-Military Affairs

Despite extensive demining efforts, Croatia remains affected by landmines and UXO stemming from the Yugoslav conflicts (1992–1995), which left Croatia with the second-highest level of contamination in the Balkans. Threats from aging stockpiles of conventional arms and munitions inherited from the Cold War also plague Croatia. The Croatian government funds more than 90 percent of demining tasks performed on its territory, and supports a research and development sector for demining-related technologies, including a robust commercial demining sector featuring more than 30 companies.

From FY1999 through FY2014, the United States invested more than $36.5 million for CWD programs in Croatia. In FY2014, the U.S. government contributed $900,000 for CWD in Croatia.

The Department of State supported the work of the following implementing partner:

• ITF cleared landmines and UXO in high-priority areas and supported the reduction of excess and outdated Croatian munitions, including mortars, projectiles, rockets, and fuses.