2015 To Walk the Earth in Safety: Europe--Regional Support

Bureau of Political-Military Affairs

In FY2014, the Department of State provided $30,000 to ITF in support of logistical and administrative costs associated with hosting the 8th Regional Approach to Stockpile Reduction (RASR) Workshop held in Split, Croatia in May 2015.

The RASR initiative seeks to eliminate threats posed by surplus, improperly stored, poorly secured, unserviceable, or otherwise hazardous stockpiles of conventional weapons and munitions in Southeast Europe. The illicit proliferation of conventional weapons and the unplanned explosions of stockpiles of obsolete and/or deteriorating munitions can cause severe humanitarian and security catastrophes and destabilize individual countries or entire regions.

RASR’s priority issues related to stockpile reduction are:

1. National and regional policy
2. Infrastructure
3. Training, education, and capacity building
4. Sharing of best practices and other information
5. Standardization of munitions classifications, surveillance systems, and points of contact

United States representatives, Southeastern European government officials with authority over their countries’ stockpiles management, officials from relevant donor government agencies, and various experts on arms and munitions issues regularly attend RASR workshops. RASR draws on the expertise of PM/WRA, ITF, NSPA, OSCE, RACVIAC-Center for Security Cooperation, the South Eastern and Eastern Europe Clearinghouse for the Control of Small Arms and Light Weapons, Small Arms Survey, and the Swiss Implementation and Verification Unit of the Swiss Army.