2015 To Walk the Earth in Safety: Western Hemisphere--Other U.S. Support

Bureau of Political-Military Affairs

In FY2014, the U.S. government provided $385,000 for CWD support for other countries in the Western Hemisphere.

• U.S. Southern Command programmed the transfer of demining equipment from Ecuador to Colombia and Peru. The equipment was originally purchased for Ecuador with FY2011 funds but was reprogrammed after the closure of the security cooperation office at the U.S. Embassy in Quito, Ecuador.

Chile: The Department of Defense’s HD R&D program provided new technology to support mine clearance in Chile. The new Mine Clearing Loader provides high-volume suspect soil screening and will shorten the time it takes to conduct clearance operations in northern Chile. Also, Chile continued using previously provided technology valued at $450,000, including one Multi-Tooled Excavator and two Air Spade demining digging tools. Since 2007, the Air Spades, Multi-Tooled Excavator and Mine Clearing Loader have cleared 8,323 anti-tank mines and anti-personnel landmines and processed 73,000 cubic meters (95,480 cubic yards) of contaminated soil.

Haiti: USAID’s Leahy War Victims Fund continued supporting Handicap International and Healing Hands for Haiti to implement prosthetic and orthotic training for 30 Haitian technicians, and to design and implement a rehabilitation technician-training program for 60 Haitians.