2016 To Walk the Earth in Safety: Africa--Other U.S. Support

Bureau of Political-Military Affairs

From October 2014 through December 2015, the U.S. government contributed $693,000 for CWD in other African countries. The Department of State did not fund activities in these countries, but the Department of Defense, through USAFRICOM, supported numerous initiatives. The OHDACA appropriation funded humanitarian mine action activities, as well as supplies, travel, equipment, and services.

Burundi: USAFRICOM continued a train-the-trainer program in an effort to improve internal capacity required for independent sustainability of Burundi’s national training center. Burundi National Defense personnel continue to show increased competency in PSSM and EOD Level I, as well as basic instructor’s techniques and procedures.

Kenya: USAFRICOM conducted mine and UXO education and risk reduction, as well as demining activities (survey/marking/mapping, mine and UXO disposal training, and quality assurance/control). USAFRICOM is coordinating with the U.S. Embassy to establish a new satellite training center at Archers Post, four hours northwest of Nairobi. This satellite center will provide another venue for Humanitarian Peace Support School instructors to train Kenyan engineers in EOD Level I/II, PSSM, SA/LW, improvised explosive device (IED) awareness, and medical first response.

Namibia: USAFRICOM deployed military EOD personnel on two training missions focused on EOD/UXO operations and first-responder training with the National Defense Force (NDF) and Namibian police. The NDF training center in Otavi is well developed, and the instructors are in the process of taking over training from U.S. personnel.

Republic of Congo: USAFRICOM implemented a train-the-trainer pilot program to assist the Congolese cadre with developing an instructor base. The Small Group Instructor’s course was designed to train Congolese EOD instructors on small group instruction techniques.

Tanzania: USAFRICOM conducted two sessions at the Tanzania People’s Defense Force training site, focusing on mine and UXO education, risk reduction, and demining (survey/marking/mapping, mine and UXO disposal training, and quality assurance/control) activities.