2018 To Walk the Earth in Safety: Senior Managers' Course in Conventional Weapons Destruction

Bureau of Political-Military Affairs

The Senior Managers’ Course (SMC), organized by the Center for International Stabilization and Recovery (CISR) at James Madison University (JMU), brings together senior-level managers from mine action and other CWD programs for training in organizational management and technical skills. Funded by PM/WRA, the SMC hones the expertise of senior managers of national mine action programs and local implementing partners so that countries can more effectively and efficiently clear landmines and ERW. During three weeks of instruction and field visits, participants refine their management and strategic planning skills, share expertise and exchange best practices in CWD, and develop a professional network for collaboration with colleagues, international experts, JMU faculty, CISR staff, and donor representatives.

Date: 2017 Description: SMC participants conduct a field visit during the 2017 Regional SMC in Croatia. © Photo courtesy of CISR

While previous course iterations focused on ERW and mine action, CISR updated the course name in 2018 to reflect a broader CWD scope. Conducted since 2004, CISR has trained 267 senior managers representing 46 countries through 2017. Since 2010, PM/WRA has sponsored the SMC, including global courses held at JMU in the United States, and a series of regionally focused SMCs hosted with the help of local implementing partners in Tajikistan, Vietnam, and Croatia. In 2018, CISR is hosting another regional SMC for countries in Central and South Asia, in partnership with the Tajikistan National Mine Action Center. With each course, CISR staff and JMU College of Business faculty tailor the curriculum and materials to the latest trends in CWD programming, and to the unique challenges of the country programs represented.

In 2017, CISR, along with the Croatian Mine Action Center, implemented a Regional SMC for Europe and Eurasia in Biograd na Moru, Croatia, for 17 senior managers representing CWD programs in Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Georgia, Kosovo, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, and Ukraine. Due to the working relationship between Croatia and Colombia’s mine action authorities, three participants from Colombia also joined the course to learn from and contribute their experiences to programs in the region. The course strengthened regional partnerships and collaboration and focused on issues critical to the region, including program sustainability, SA/LW, PSSM, and managing programs through transitional phases.