2018 To Walk the Earth in Safety: Burkina Faso

Bureau of Political-Military Affairs

DOS NADR - CWD 941 600 0 1,541
COUNTRY TOTAL 941 600 0 1,541

Dollars in thousands


Burkina Faso is a major transit point for illicitly-trafficked SA/LW and conventional munitions. Flush with this weaponry, violent extremist groups pose a threat to the stability of the region’s governments. The January 2016 terrorist attack on the Splendid Hotel in Ouagadougou killed 30 people from several countries, including an American citizen. In August 2017, terrorists killed 18 people at the nearby Aziz Istanbull café. These high-profile attacks, and several others on security force outposts and schools along the border, demonstrate the ongoing instability and threats to good governance in Burkina Faso. Remote police, gendarmerie, and army outposts are particularly vulnerable to attack. In light of increasing terrorist activity in Burkina Faso, CWD programs bolster security in the Sahel by preventing the illicit diversion of weapons.

In 2017, the Department of State supported the following implementing partner (using FY16 funds):

  • MAG upgraded or constructed 37 weapons storage facilities in the capital, Ouagadougou, in the town of Bobo- Dioulasso, and in various towns in the north and southeast. MAG also improved the capacity of Burkinabe security forces to properly manage their stockpiles by providing training in armory storekeeping and management, as well as train-the-trainer sessions.