2018 To Walk the Earth in Safety: Europe

Bureau of Political-Military Affairs

Total U.S. conventional weapons destruction funding in Europe from all U.S. agencies, 1993–2017: more than $404.2 million

Our enduring CWD priorities for Europe are to prevent illicit transfers of SA/LW and unplanned ammunition depot explosions through PSSM programs, and to clear the landmines and UXO left from the Yugoslav Wars. The United States continues to support regional security and build national capacity through a military stockpile reduction initiative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, clear cluster munitions from the Kosovo War, reduce stockpiles in Serbia, clearance of UXO hotspots in Albania, and perform battle area clearance in Ukraine. These programs help return land back to productive use.

Since 1993, the United States has supported extensive efforts to rid Europe of the vestiges of past conflicts, providing more than $404.2 million in CWD support. Funding and clearance efforts by the United States and other donors have already freed much of Southeast Europe from the impact of landmines and UXO.

Percent of U.S. CWD Funding in Europe by Country

Date: 2018 Description: Percent of U.S. CWD Funding in Europe by Country -- Albania 10.67%; Armenia 3.44%; Azerbaijan 7.64%; Bosnia & Herzegovina 27.97%; Bulgaria 2.60%; Croatia 9.76%; Cyprus 0.15%; s Czech Republic 0.15%; Estonia 1.16%; Georgia 8.61%; Hungary 0.09%; Kosovo 7.62%; Lithuania 0.12%; Macedonia 0.49%; Moldova 0.19%; Montenegro 2.71%; Romania 0.62%; Serbia 5.08%; Serbia & Montenegro 1.40%; Slovenia 0.07%; Ukraine 9.48%. Regional funding is not included in this chart. It is included in the Global/Multi-country funding line found on page 75. - State Dept Image