2018 To Walk the Earth in Safety: Middle East and North Africa

Bureau of Political-Military Affairs

Total U.S. conventional weapons destruction funding in the Middle East & North Africa from all U.S. agencies, 1993–2017: more than $641.6 million

United States CWD programs play a critical role in enhancing stability and improving human security in the Middle East and North Africa. In Iraq, Libya, and Syria, ISIS-emplaced IEDs and landmines continue to terrorize returning communities and impede stabilization. In Libya, illicit trafficking of SA/LW fuels both domestic and regional violence. In Yemen, significant quantities of ERW and the widespread use of landmines continue to kill civilians and hinder the delivery of humanitarian aid.

According to the 2017 Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor, 2016 saw a continued rise in the global total number of casualties caused by mines and ERW. This was due in large part to an increase in casualties recorded in armed conflicts in Libya, Syria, and Yemen. In 2016, significant underreporting of casualties for Iraq continued. This seemed to be exacerbated by a severe deficiency in the recording of improvised mine casualties. Final casualty figures are not yet available for 2017. Despite uncertainty and the difficulties posed by ongoing conflicts, the United States has invested more than $641.6 million in CWD funding since 1993 to help build regional stability in the Middle East and North Africa. Survey, marking, and clearance projects enable the safe return of displaced families to their communities, as well as develop strong and capable local humanitarian mine action capacities. Mine risk education projects prevent deaths and injuries, and survivor assistance projects provide rehabilitation and reintegration support. Lastly, U.S. funds support capacity-building programs to further develop partner nations’ expertise and ensure an enduring capability exists to address ERW over the long term.

Percent of U.S. CWD Funding in the Middle East and North Africa by Country

Date: 2018 Description: Percent of U.S. CWD Funding in the Middle East and North Africa by Country -- *Bahrain 0.00%; Egypt 0.11%; Iraq 62.30%; Jordan 4.38%; Lebanon 10.30%; Libya 6.79%; Morocco 0.01%; Oman 0.68%; West Bank 0.96%; Syria 8.74%; Tunisia 0.22%; Yemen 5.36%.. Regional funding is not included in this chart. It is included in the Global/Multi-country funding line found on page 75. * less than 0.01% - State Dept Image