2018 To Walk the Earth in Safety: South and Central Asia

Bureau of Political-Military Affairs

Total U.S. conventional weapons destruction funding in South and Central Asia from all U.S. agencies, 1993–2017: more than $566 million

While volatility in Afghanistan continues to create challenges for the United States’ largest CWD program, the United States remains committed to deepening the relationships that further its CWD goals in the region.

Since 1993, the United States has invested more than $566 million in CWD funding to South and Central Asia. Funding for Afghanistan accounts for more than $474.6 million of that amount. Due in part to their inherent indigenous capability and their significant need, Afghanistan has one of the most established mine action programs in the world. The Kyrgyz Republic faces substantial risk from unsecured, deteriorating weapons and ammunition stockpiles, which are located close to or within populated areas. In Sri Lanka, landmines and UXO threaten regional security and impede the resettlement of communities. The United States has continued its emphasis on capacity-building by further supporting the Tajikistan National Mine Action Center.

U.S. assistance aims to enable recipient countries to take the lead in CWD activities, which are essential to regional stabilization and economic development. It is critical for regional and global security that the United States and South and Central Asian countries continue to foster a partnership with the goal of securing military weapons and ammunition that might fall into the wrong hands, promoting peace and stability, and strengthening economic ties.

Percent of U.S. CWD Funding in South and Central Asia by Country

Date: 2018 Description: Percent of U.S. CWD Funding in South and Central Asia by Country -- Afghanistan 83.85%; India 0.05%; Kazakhstan 0.05%; Kyrgyz Republic 0.31%; Nepal 0.77%; Pakistan 0.15%; Sri Lanka 10.59%; Tajikistan 3.84%; Uzbekistan 0.02%. Regional funding is not included in this chart. It is included in the Global/Multi-country funding line found on page 75. *Turkmenistan benefited in FY13 from Defense Threat Reduction Agency programs. The funding does not appear on the chart above or the funding charts beginning on page 68 because the Defense Threat Reduction Agency does not assign dollar amounts to countries.- State Dept Image