2018 To Walk the Earth in Safety: Kyrgyz Republic

Bureau of Political-Military Affairs

DOS NADR - CWD 400 285 250 1,735
DoD 0 0 0 7
COUNTRY TOTAL 400 285 250 1,742

Dollars in thousands


Like many former Soviet republics, the Kyrgyz Republic faces substantial risk from unsecured, deteriorating weapons and ammunition stockpile storage sites that threaten civilians’ safety due to their proximity to populated areas.

Date: 2018 Description: With funding from PM/WRA, military ammunition handlers in the Kyrgyz Republic safely destroy unstable and expired ammunition. © Photo courtesy of ITF

From 2009 to 2017, the United States invested more than $1.7 million to assist the Kyrgyz Republic to rehabilitate existing explosive storage facilities and to segregate, secure, and destroy excess and unserviceable conventional munitions. Such activities develop host nation capacity to prevent spontaneous explosions and injuries to civilian populations living near storage depots and reduce the risk of illicit proliferation of munitions from stockpiles.

In 2017, the Department of State supported the following implementing partners:

  • ITF continued national capacity training and developed and deployed Ministry of Defense assets to secure, demilitarize, and destroy excess and unserviceable munition stockpiles. This included the demilitarization of more than 30,000 pieces of large-caliber ammunition and the destruction of 290 metric tons of other munitions.
  • OSCE completed a complex PSSM project to assist, support, and enhance the storage and maintenance of excess stockpiles of SA/LW and ammunition.