2018 To Walk the Earth in Safety: Western Hemisphere

Bureau of Political-Military Affairs

Total U.S. conventional weapons destruction funding in the Western Hemisphere from all U.S. agencies, 1993–2017: more than $141.2 million

While the past 35 years have seen improving political and economic trends throughout Latin America, criminal violence, illegal narcotics, and arms trafficking continue to endanger many communities across the region. U.S. CWD efforts, including increased SA/LW and PSSM assistance, are crucial in helping the region stem armed violence and illicit weapons trafficking.

In 2016, the historic peace negotiations between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) led to collaboration on demining efforts, further reducing risks from landmine and UXO contamination. The Northern Triangle’s (Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador) interconnected black market and porous borders lead to the easy transfer of illicit SA/LW.

Since 1993, U.S. CWD efforts invested more than $141.2 million in regional support to Latin American countries. The funds chiefly focused on landmine clearance and curbing SA/LW trafficking. These activities are vital to promote stability, security, and prosperity in the Western Hemisphere.

Percent of U.S. CWD Funding in the Western Hemisphere by Country

Date: 2018 Description: Percent of U.S. CWD Funding in the Western Hemisphere by Country -- Argentina 0.41%; Belize 0.21%; Chile 2.44%; Colombia 59.70%; Dominican Republic 0.35%; Ecuador 6.24%; El Salvador 4.62%; Guatemala 0.42%; Haiti 2.48%; Honduras 0.79%; Nicaragua 3.03%; Paraguay 0.14%; Peru 18.73%; Suriname 0.28%; Uruguay 0.14%. Regional funding is not included in this chart. It is included in the Global/Multi-country funding line found on page 75. * Costa Rica received support through a regional multi-country program, no dollar amount specified.
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