Standard Third Party Transfer Questionnaire

Standard Questions for Requests to U.S. for Authority to RETRANSFER Government-Origin Defense Articles

1. Who is the divesting government?

2. What commodity/equipment/service/technical data is to be transferred? (Please provide NSNs) What are the serial numbers? (must be provided for significant military equipment).

3. How did the divesting country originally acquire the defense article(s)?

  • Foreign Military Sale (FMS)? (provide FMS case identifier )
  • Military Assistance Program (MAP)?
  • Excess Defense Article (EDA) grant or sale?
  • Drawdown?
  • Cooperative Development Program?
  • Memorandum of Understanding?
  • Direct Commercial Sale (DCS)? If DCS, don’t do NOT send this questionnaire to PM/RSAT. Contact the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC)
  • Was this equipment acquired with national funds or with grant funding such as Foreign Military Financing (FMF)?
  • Other?

4. When was/were the article(s) acquired by the divesting country?

5. What was the original acquisition value in USD$ (necessary for congressional reporting)?

6. What is the current value, in USD$, if applicable?

7. Why does that government wish to divest itself of the equipment?

8. Who is the proposed recipient?

9. Is this a temporary or permanent transfer to the proposed recipient?

10. What is the proposed recipient’s planned end-use for the articles (please provide as much detail as possible)?

11. Does the proposed recipient currently possess this model of equipment?

12. Are there any intermediaries? If so, who? What is their role? Where are they located and what are the points of contact?

13. Will any net proceeds be realized from this sale, transfer, or disposal? If so, what are the estimated net proceeds?

14. Is there a certain date requested for approval? If so, please indicate the date and provide the relevant details.

15. Please provide point of contact details for the divesting government, the proposed recipient, and any intermediaries.