Regional Security Teams and Functions

Regional Security Teams

PM/RSAT’s three Regional Security teams manage bilateral and regional political-military relations with the countries in their regions of responsibility. Team members are responsible for monitoring and analyzing the full range of political-military developments in their regions, and alerting the PM Bureau and Department leadership to any implications for U.S. security and foreign policy objectives. Team members regularly interact with the National Security Council, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Staff, and the State regional bureaus.

Political-Military Dialogues

PM/RSAT’s Regional Security Teams play a primary role in coordinating the more than 30 bilateral or multilateral defense and security dialogues that the PM Bureau leads or co-leads annually. PM Principals typically lead high-level USG interagency teams which discuss regional security issues, arms transfers, military-to-military cooperation, weapons disposal, and other security topics with their counterparts from other countries. PM/RSAT officers directly support PM leadership by coordinating, managing, and executing all aspects of PM-led dialogues, and by staffing and participating in consultations in Washington and overseas.