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Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, PEPFAR has tracked closely the impact of the pandemic on the countries, teams, and partners we support. Recognizing the tremendous toll that COVID-19 continues to take around the globe, PEPFAR is issuing a temporary pause on the Country/Regional Operational Plan (COP/ROP) 2021 development and planning process.

During this temporary pause, no formal or informal COP/ROP 2021 meetings or planning should take place. Any COP/ROP 2021-related planning meetings that are occurring or scheduled to be held in the next few weeks, including associated internal U.S. government planning or technical consultations, should be postponed and all associated tools development should be paused until further notice.

While this temporary pause is in effect, all PEPFAR teams and partners should focus their efforts on the current implementation of COP/ROP 2020, continuing to adapt and optimize the program for impact and patient outcomes. PEPFAR will organize COP/ROP 2020 (FY21/Q1) reviews of the current status of the program to ensure continuity of HIV prevention and treatment services for the people we serve in the context of COVID-19. This quarterly review will use the standard PEPFAR Oversight Accountability Response Team (POART) process.

PEPFAR will continue to monitor closely the impact of COVID-19 on the countries, teams, and partners we support. The revised COP/ROP 2021 development and planning process timeline will be announced in the coming future, but will resume no earlier than the first week of April 2021, with sufficient time to ensure that transparent, data-driven COP/ROP 2021 planning and completion occurs and there is no disruption in HIV services for the start of the next fiscal year.

PEPFAR is deeply grateful to all of its teams and partners for their flexibility, patience, and commitment to ensuring access to life-saving HIV services around the globe.

Download PEPFAR COP/ROP 2021 Temporary Pause FAQs [127 KB]

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