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The United States regrets the transition government of Mali’s decision to revoke its consent for MINUSMA.  We are concerned about the effects this decision will have on the security and humanitarian crises impacting the Malian people.  We will continue to work with our partners in West Africa to help them tackle the urgent security and governance challenges they face.  We welcome further consultations with regional leaders on additional steps to promote stability and prevent conflict.  The United States extends its full support to MINUSMA and Special Representative of the Secretary-General El-Ghassim Wane for his leadership.  MINUSMA’s drawdown must be orderly and responsible, prioritizing the safety and security of peacekeepers and Malians.  The transition government must also continue to adhere to all its commitments, including the transition to a democratically elected, civilian-led government by March 2024 and implementation of the Algiers Accord.

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