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The Principal Deputy Coordinator for PEPFAR oversees global implementation of PEPFAR through four offices, Program Quality (PQ), Program Impact Monitoring and Epidemiology (PRIME), Financial and Programmatic Sustainability (FPS), and Management and Budget (MB).

Office of Program Quality (PEPFAR/PQ)

The Office of Program Quality (PEPFAR/PQ) provides technical expertise for the implementation of PEPFAR-supported, country-led programs to provide diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of HIV throughout the world, in support of global goals (a) to reach 95-95-95, (b) dramatically reduce new HIV infections, and (c) close equity gaps for priority populations.  Our activities include development of PEPFAR Country Operational Planning Guidance and Technical Considerations as well as leading targeted initiatives to advance program priorities. PEPFAR/PQ shapes program strategy, defines quality assurance methods, informs normative guidance, and establishes models for community and faith sector leadership, with the goal of maximizing PEPFAR’s impact. Along with other PEPFAR offices, the Office of Program Quality contributes to interagency collaboration, coordination, and stakeholder engagement at the global and country levels.

Office of Program Impact Monitoring and Epidemiology (PEPFAR/PRIME)

The Office of Program Impact Monitoring and Epidemiology (PEPFAR/PRIME) oversees the implementation of PEPFAR data policy, benchmarks, and standards for program monitoring, surveillance, evaluation, resource allocation, and program impact.  PEPFAR/PRIME fosters availability and use of quality epidemiologic, target setting, program monitoring, and financial data to promote efficiency, transparency, and accountability for program impact. In addition, we manage Panorama Spotlight, PEPFAR’s publicly available database of results achieved with PEPFAR support.

Office of Financial and Programmatic Sustainability (PEPFAR/FPS)

The Office of Financial and Programmatic Sustainability (PEPFAR/FPS) oversees existing U.S. funding for HIV and works with countries to ensure a path to sustainable financing for the long-term needs of partner countries to end HIV/AIDS as a public health threat by 2030.

Office of Management and Budget (PEPFAR/MB)

The Office of Management and Budget (PEPFAR/MB) is responsible for the transfer of PEPFAR funds to agencies for the implementation of COP (Country Operational Plan) and HOP (Headquarters Operational Plan) programming, the allotment of funds to embassies to cover the costs of PEPFAR Coordination Offices (PCO), and the obligation of funds for PEPFAR-funded administrative, program, and centrally supported systems costs of bureau activities. PEPFAR/MB is responsible for Congressional Notifications and transfers to Agencies and to USAID for Global Fund Contributions and Global Fund Technical Assistance Activities. The Office of Management and Budget also supports Bureau strategic budget planning and reporting requirements. In cooperation with GHSD/EX and GHSD/SCE, we provide support to the bureau for events planning, accountability functions, and support for IT systems contracts.

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