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As Prepared

As scientists warn us, and as many have noted, we stand at a crossroads.

One path leads to more of the same.

  • An ocean that is getting warmer, more acidic, and less productive.
  • A world of more extreme weather and rising seas.
  • A natural world burdened with more pollution and less biodiversity.

The other path leads to a new relationship with nature.

  • A path that reverses the decline in the health of the ocean.
  • A path that restores nature to the species with whom we share this planet.
  • A world where we live sustainably with nature.

The decisions we make, and the actions we take, over these next several months will determine the health of the ocean and our planet for centuries to come.

And as we walk together down the path to a better future, science will illuminate the way.

  • Science must inform the decisions we make as nations and as a global community.
  • Science can lead to the technological and nature-based solutions we need to overcome the many challenges we face.
  • Science will inspire the next generation of girls and boys to be the leaders we need for tomorrow.

In my bureau at the State Department, science is in our name, and our DNA.

It is central to who we are and what we do.

Science guides our leadership for a healthier planet.

As we embark on this critical decade for our ocean and our planet, we commit to investing in science, protecting the integrity of the science, and listening to scientists.

Together, let’s choose the path for a better world, and let’s look to science to help guide us.

U.S. Department of State

The Lessons of 1989: Freedom and Our Future