Questions to and Answers from the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons (TIP Office) about its 2020 Annual Program Statement to Address Impacts of COVID-19

Q:  How does the Annual Program Statement work differently from the Annual Competition for Awards?

A:  Unlike the Annual Competition for Awards, this Annual Program Statement is a special one-stage process focused on COVID-19 that will remain open for approximately one year.  Applications submitted will be reviewed quarterly for potential funding.  Applications submitted under this funding opportunity must include the project narrative, logical framework, budget summary and budget narrative.  If an application is selected for funding, additional documents will be required before the award is made.

Q:  What types of applications is the TIP Office looking to fund under this initiative?

A:  The TIP Office is looking to fund efforts not covered under the Annual Competition for Awards process that directly addresses the impacts of COVID-19 on the prevention, protection, and prosecution efforts to combat human trafficking.  The intent of this initiative is not to directly fund requests for PPE or requests to fund efforts that the government should be doing.  Below is one example of the types of activities the TIP Office would be supportive in funding.

EXAMPLE: Country A has sent 25,000 migrant workers back to Country B because it cannot provide COVID-19 support to them.  Many of these migrant workers are suspected to be victims of trafficking and are congregating in camps on the border because Country B is requesting them to quarantine for 14 days.  The TIP Office would consider funding an initiative that trains frontline health care workers or border officials working in these camps to identify victims of trafficking or awareness campaigns on human trafficking in these camps.  The TIP Office would not consider funding a request solely for hygiene kits and blankets for these camps.

Q:  How many awards does the TIP Office intend to make under this Annual Program Statement?

A:  The TIP Office has allocated an initial $3.5 million for this initiative.  The TIP Office does not have a target number of awards and will fund one or many proposals up to the $3.5 million allotted for this initiative.

Q:  Is there a minimum or maximum funding request?

A:  Applicants may apply for no less than $100,000.  There is no maximum funding request.

Q:  Is there a limit for the duration of a proposed project?

A:  Applicants may determine the duration of the project based on the proposed activities, proposed budget, and needs identified in the selected location.  Applicants should not propose a duration of more than 60 months.

Q:  Is the funding opportunity open to all countries?

A:  Applicants may propose their own countries or regions to work in, keeping in mind the TIP Office generally prioritizes foreign assistance in those countries assessed below Tier 1 and where governments demonstrate political will, but lack the economic resources or anti-trafficking expertise to effectively address the problem.  While applicants may propose to work in one or more countries, when selecting countries, applicants should consider a country’s income level as indicated by the World Bank, tier rankings as indicated by the TIP Report, and other anti-trafficking funding.

Q:  Is this a one-stage or two-stage application process?

A:  This is a one-stage application process to be able to address the rapidly changing needs on the ground.  Applicants will be asked to submit a project narrative, logic model, budget summary, and line item budget.  Any application selected for funding will need to submit additional documents before a final award is made.

Q:  When does the TIP Office anticipate awarding applications selected for funding?

A:  To address the rapidly changing needs on the ground, the TIP Office will work with the applicant to make awards as soon as possible once a funding decision is made.  It is anticipated that awards will be made on a quarterly basis as indicated below.

Applications Received Before Estimated Review Process Anticipated Award
Series 1 5:00pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) on September 30, 2020 Oct – Dec 2020 December 2020 / January 2021
Series 2 5:00pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) on December 30, 2020 Jan – Mar 2021 March 2021
Series 3 5:00pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) on March 30, 2021 Apr – Jun 2021 June 2021
Series 4 5:00pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) on June 30, 2021 Jul – Sept 2021 September 2021

Q:  May an applicant submit more than one application?

A:  Applicants may submit more than one application, but should keep in mind that there are limited resources under this funding opportunity and the TIP Office will prioritize funding for applications that address the greatest need and are mostly likely to make a positive impact.

Q:  May I re-submit an application that was not selected for funding at another point during the year?

A:  Unfortunately, the TIP Office will not re-consider any applications that were not selected for funding at another point in the year.  You may submit a similar application for consideration that addresses the same need as a previous application, but with a different technical approach.

Q:  May two applicants submit an application together?

A:  No.  While the TIP Office encourages partnerships among anti-trafficking stakeholders, there must be one applicant listed as the lead applicant.  The other organization(s) must be listed as partner organizations (also known as sub-awards).  Please be sure that any partner organizations submit letters of intent with the application if required.

Q:  Where can I find specifics regarding projects previously funded by the TIP Office?

A:  Applicants are encouraged to look to view the TIP Office website,, for information on TIP Office-funded projects from prior years.

Q:  The 2020 Annual Program Statement notes that applicants must follow the Guidance for Submitting TIP Office Full Proposals, but the guidance provides details on other documents that are not listed in the Annual Program Statement.  What do I need to follow?

A:  The Guidance for Submitting TIP Office Full Proposals is general guidance for any full proposal developed for funding from the TIP Office.  The 2020 Annual Program Statement only requires applicants to submit the required online forms (SF 424, SF 424B, and SF 424 A), project narrative, annex A results performance monitoring plan, annex B budget summary, and annex C line-item budget.  Applicants may submit an optional one-page annex for charts, graphs, and logos not included in the project narrative template, such as a theory of change.  The submission of any additional documents will result in immediate failure in the technical review process.  Applicants should use the applicable guidance for those documents in the Guidance for Submitting TIP Office Full Proposals.

Q:  In March 2020, the TIP Office reposted an updated version of the 2020 Annual Program Statement and Guidance for Submitting TIP Office Full Project Proposals (COVID). How are these different that the original copies posted and will my application be evaluated on this new criteria?

A:  Based on applications submitted in the 2020 Annual Program Statement Series 1 and Series 2, the TIP Office has provided additional guidance for applicants interested in this funding opportunity.  The updated 2020 Annual Program Statement language stresses that applications should demonstrate a clear urgent need related to the impacts of COVID-19 and human trafficking beyond the general increased vulnerability of populations with specific targeted activities.  Applicants should consider proposing projects with a geographic or demographic focus within the technical approach. While there will be lasting effects from the impacts of COVID-19 globally including increased vulnerability to trafficking, this announcement is specifically working to address short-term targeted needs related to COVID-19 and human trafficking.  Any applications submitted in Series 1 and Series 2 were evaluated based on the original 2020 Annual Program Statement and any applications submitted in Series 3 and 4 will be evaluated based on the updated 2020 Annual Program Statement.  The Guidance for Submitting TIP Office Full Project Proposals (COVID) has been updated accordingly as well.

Q:  How many of applications have been selected for funding under this announcement and how much funding remains available?

A:  All applications selected for funding will be posted on our website as soon as they are awarded.  Applicants are encouraged to look to view the TIP Office website,, for information on TIP Office-funded projects from prior years.  The announcement will remain open as long as there is funding available.

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