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Treaties in Force 2020 lists treaties and other international agreements of the United States on record in the Department of State, which, as of January 1, 2020, had not expired by their own terms or which had not been denounced by the parties, replaced or superseded by other agreements, or otherwise definitely terminated. Certain types of agreements are not listed, such as classified agreements and certain agency-level agreements.

2020 Treaties in Force [5 MB]

The 2021 – 2023 Supplement to Treaties in Force 2020 lists treaties and agreements that have entered into force for the United States between January 1, 2020 and January 1, 2023, along with a small number of agreements that entered into force prior to January 1, 2020 but which did not appear in the 2020 edition.

2021 – 2023 Supplement to Treaties in Force 2020 — UPDATED [456 KB]

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