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YALI 2019 Leadership Institute

U.S.-Africa: Enduring Partnership

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Africa Day 2021

The United States is committed to partnering with Africa on a wide range of issues, from economic development and trade to peace and security; from democracy and human rights to expanding opportunities for Africa’s youth. We work together to address global challenges, including health security and climate change, and we celebrate the diversity of Africa, its rich heritage, and the deep cultural connections between Americans, Africans, and people throughout the diaspora.

Join us from May 24-30 in a virtual celebration of Africa Day, as we explore some of the many ways that our enduring partnership enriches both Africa and the United States.


U.S.-Africa Partnership


President Biden’s Message to African Union Summit Participants | February 4, 2021


Africa Day 2021 | May 25, 2021


Secretary Blinken’s Virtual Travel to Africa | April 27, 2021

Secretary Blinken sits at a desk speaking to a camera

View Virtual Trip to Africa


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Economic Cooperation and Development


Three women sewing


Prosper Africa: U.S. and African Businesses Growing Together

share america | MaY 27, 2021


Electrical wires stretching across towers in field


U.S. Seeks To Be Africa’s Partner of Choice

share america | March 12, 2020


Three large screens set up in elaborate hall containing screen views of leaders at virtual meeting


The United States Is Committed to Promoting a Prosperous Africa

Share America | May 18, 2021


Cartoon of a business woman working on her computer


U.S. Invests in e-Commerce for African Women

Share America | october 22, 2020


African American man and woman smile for the camera while wearing business attire


U.S. Startup Finds New Way To Finance African Businesses

Share America | october 1, 2018



Youth Engagement



Visit the webpage to learn more about the virtual event taking place from May 24 to May 28 and register.

Established in 2010, the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) is the U.S. Government’s signature effort to invest in the next generation of African leaders. Over the past decade, YALI has grown to include the Mandela Washington Fellowship exchange program, four Regional Leadership Centers (RLCs) in Africa, and an extensive digital community called the YALI Network. These programs aim to strengthen democratic institutions and good governance, spur economic growth and prosperity, and foster peace and security in Africa. As of 2021, YALI has engaged more than 700,000 people in over 40 African countries.

Learn More and Register for the Event →


A young Kenyan woman sitting in an audience of smiles


Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI)

young African Leaders Initiative | May 18, 2021


Secretary Blinken sits at a desk and speaks to an audience on camera

Video Remarks

Secretary Blinken Virtual Discussion with Alumni of the Young African Leaders Initiative

Bureau of African Affairs | April 27, 2021



Health Cooperation


AIDS-free future for girls in Africa


Working Toward an AIDS-Free Future for Girls in Africa

Share America | May 27, 2021


Ensuring Healthy Lives video


Ensuring Healthy Lives

Share America | MaY 27, 2021


A Kenyan woman smiles as she holds her young baby close to her cheek

Fact Sheet

The U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief

Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator and Global Helath Diplomacy | 2021


Illustration of hands under stream of water


USAID Makes Hand-Washing More Accessible

Share America | March 18, 2021


Gloved hands holding syringe and vial


U.S. Supports Waiving Rights to COVID-19 Vaccines

Share America | May 7, 2021




Security, Peace, and Stability


Female solider from Senegal walking


U.S. Helping African Partners Fight Terrorism

Share America | April 8, 2020




Environmental Issues


A farmer's daughter waves her shawl in the air to try to chase away swarms of desert locusts from her crops


Taking on a Billion Locusts in the Greater Horn of Africa

Share America | March 31, 2020


American and Namibian diplomats pose for the camera while wearing masks and standing in front of their respective flags


The U.S., Namibia, and Botswana Advance a Clean Energy Future in Southern Africa Through “Mega Solar”

U.S. Embassy in Nambia | April 26, 2021


U.S. Department of State

The Lessons of 1989: Freedom and Our Future