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Through APEC, the United States seeks to advance a free, fair, and open economic policy agenda that benefits U.S. workers, businesses, and families.  The 21 APEC member economies account for nearly 40 percent of the global population, or nearly 3 billion people, and nearly 50 percent of global trade. 

Secretary Blinken and U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai At a Joint Press Availability

As of 2021, fellow APEC members were the destination for more than 60 percent of U.S. goods exports, and seven of the top 10 overall trading partners for the United States are APEC members.
As part of our enduring commitment to the region and broad-based economic growth, the United States is excited to serve as APEC host in 2023. 

Hosting APEC in 2023 will provide the U.S. with a unique opportunity to showcase economic leadership and multilateralism in the Indo-Pacific and highlight the direct impact of international economic engagement on prosperity in the United States.   

Through our APEC 2023 host year, we will seek to further U.S. economic engagement with the region.  Regular exchanges among governments, business leaders – including through the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) – and other stakeholders are critical to ensuring that APEC is delivering pragmatic solutions to the key challenges facing U.S. workers and businesses, both at home and in the region. 

2023 APEC Theme and Priorities

Theme: Creating a Resilient & Sustainable Future for All


Please visit Our Priorities on APEC’s site for more information.


Building a resilient and interconnected region that advances broad-based economic prosperity.
Some of the other key focus areas for 2023 in support of our first priority of “interconnected” include: 

  • Strengthening supply chain resilience 
  • Enhancing services trade 
  • Promoting digital trade 
  • Restarting cross-border travel 
  • Enhancing infrastructure and transportation networks 
  • Strengthening health systems 
  • Implementation of the FTAAP Agenda Workplan 
  • Support for the WTO 


Enabling an innovative environment for a sustainable future.
Some of our particular areas of focus will include:

  • Enhancing climate mitigation and resilience 
  • Reducing disaster risk and improving emergency preparedness and response  
  • Promoting the digital economy and enhancing digitization 
  • Promoting food security, food safety, and agricultural biotechnology 
  • Tackling environmental challenges 
  • Fostering an enabling environment


Affirming an equitable and inclusive future for all. 
Key areas of focus will include:

  • Advancing gender equity 
  • Strengthening SMEs 
  • Addressing inclusion in trade 
  • Expanding economic potential and opportunity through investments in infrastructure and workers 
  • Elevating workers’ voices 
  • Engaging historically underserved and underrepresented segments of the population 

APEC Economies and the World


Chart for APEC
Rest of World62%
Rest of APEC8%


Chart for APEC
Rest of World 38%
Rest of APEC10%


Chart for APEC
Rest of World52%
Rest of APEC10%

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