Today, the Secretary’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion released the Department’s FY 2023 DEIA demographic data, which is available on the interactive dashboard that hosts the Department’s DEIA Demographic Baseline Report (DBR):  To view the comprehensive accessible alternative version, please visit .  The DBR is updated at the beginning of each calendar year and provides a bureau-by-bureau breakdown of the Department’s Civil and Foreign Service workforce by race, ethnicity, sex, disability, grade/rank, and job series/skill codes.  The DBR includes Census data so the Department can see how it reflects the rich diversity of America and data from the U.S. Department of Labor statistics which outlines who is available to be hired from the U.S. labor market in any given job series skill codes.

Per Executive Order 14035 on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility in the Federal Workforce and in National Security and Foreign Policy Workforce, as directed by National Security Memorandum-3, the Federal Government must strengthen its ability to recruit, hire, develop, promote, and retain our nation’s talent and remove barriers to equal opportunity.   The Department’s DBR data is examined to identify if there are potential anomalies that may suggest a barrier to equal employment opportunity so that barrier analyses can be conducted to identify what policies, practices, and procedures may need to be changed to ensure equal opportunity.

The Department of State’s ability to achieve critical national security and foreign policy goals requires it to attract America’s best and brightest employees, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or diversity indicators such as status as a veteran or first generation American, socioeconomic status, or where they grew up.  Conducting diplomacy that serves the interests and honors the values of the American people requires a Department of State that includes all Americans.  Such a workforce gives us a unique advantage on the world stage.  Advancing DEIA in our workplace is a national security imperative and the best way to ensure that the United States is positioned to handle the challenges—and opportunities—of the 21st Century.

The dataset for the DBR represents all full-time, permanent, direct-hire Civil Service and Foreign Service employees as of September 30, 2023.  Other staff, such as contractors of any type, as well as Locally Employed (LE) Staff, Interns, Eligible Family Members (EFMs), and Reemployed Annuitants (REAs) are not included in this report.

By transparently sharing the workforce data with employees, Congress, and the public, the Department demonstrates its commitment to holding itself accountable for creating an environment where all employees have equal opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute to protecting and promoting U.S. national security interests.

For questions, please contact  Follow along on Twitter/X and LinkedIn at @StateDeptDEIA.

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