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This Equity Action Plan outlines specific actions, metrics, and accountability efforts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness to successfully integrate Executive Order (E.O) 13985 into all aspects of our foreign affairs mission.

U.S. Foreign Policy 

  • Prioritize engagements with diplomatic partners and individuals from underrepresented and underserved communities worldwide to better assess and embed equity into U.S. foreign policies.
  • Create a new three-part strategic framework to track progress and work with local stakeholders to reduce barriers to equity.

U.S. Foreign Assistance

  • Establish new reporting requirements and equity analysis tools to align priorities and operations with E.O. 13895 principles through international aid.
  • Work with stakeholders to inform data-driven operations and programming to integrate racial equity and support for underserved communities into U.S. foreign assistance.

Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs

  • Embed E.O. 13985 principles into public diplomacy programming, exchanges, and communications strategies, and will use new equity assessment tools to track progress.
  • Increase inclusive messaging to combat disinformation, which can sow discord among communities and undermine democratic norms.

Consular Services

  • Update the interpretation and application of the Immigration and Nationality Act to reflect advances in Assisted Reproductive Technology.
  • Offer U.S. citizenship products, such as passports, with inclusive gender markers.

Procurement, Contracts, and Grants

  • Require reviews under current federal contracting processes to provide more equitable access to underserved and small business partners.
  • Grow the industrial supply base by E.O. 13985 principles into agency contracting partnerships and the federal marketplace and institute a new data-informed methodology with market research, internal business scorecards, and consultations with stakeholders.

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