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More information about Belize is available on the Belize Page and from other Department of State publications and other sources listed at the end of this fact sheet.

U.S.-Belize Relations

The United States and Belize continue to maintain strong relations.  The United States is home to the largest Belizean community outside Belize, estimated at more than 85,000.  An economically prosperous, democratic, and secure Belize is important to U.S. interests in the region.  The United States and Belize are working as partners to strengthen border security and address transnational crime.  The two countries have mutual legal assistance treaties with each other.  Both governments seek to humanely manage the flow of irregular migrants to the United States through Belize.

U.S. Assistance to Belize

The United States works closely with the Government of Belize to fight narcotics, human and other types of illicit trafficking, and transnational organized crime.  The U.S. government seeks to strengthen citizen security and improve the government’s capacity to confront and disrupt criminal organizations.  U.S. programs are assisting Belize to professionalize its police force, build its justice sector capacity, and improve its capacity to secure its borders.  U.S. good governance programming focuses on strengthening civil society, improving health security and government service delivery, and building capacity within both civil society and government civil service.  The Belize Defense Force receives military assistance from the United States, including training, humanitarian and medical assistance programs, and programs to construct and renovate schools.  The U.S. military was also instrumental in establishing Belize’s Coast Guard and continues to play a role in building its capacity.

The United States assists Belize with weather-related events and other natural hazards.  Belize incurs annual losses of close to 4% of GDP due to natural disasters.  Among small states, Belize ranks 3rd for susceptibility to natural disasters and 5th at risk for climate change.  We work with Belize in the UN to advance climate action to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius.  The Peace Corps operates public health and education programs in Belize.  U.S. Embassy Public Affairs programming promotes entrepreneurship, media literacy, and social and economic inclusion.  Its robust youth programs also support the development of financial literacy and climate change awareness.

The U.S. Embassy in Belize also enjoys the support of a robust network of U.S. exchange program alumni who share their experiences in the United States through projects implemented on their return to Belize.  For example, a popular talk show in Belize launched by a Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) alumnus aims to provide access to timely, accurate information to citizens around the COVID-19 crisis. COVID-19 WATCH, an emergency response national television and internet talk show series, brings together a collection of experts, officials, business owners, and concerned citizens to discuss the burning topics and share the latest updates that impact the country.  The show, which is supported by an Alumni Rapid Response Fund grant through U.S. Embassy Belmopan’s Public Affairs Section, has played an important role in Belize’s fight against the pandemic, providing important public health updates to nearly 40,000 viewers a day while combatting rumors and providing accurate information about the pandemic.

The United States strongly supports conservation efforts in Belize, most recently through the 2021 Blue Bond Agreement, an innovative debt-for-conservation deal made possible with U.S. International Development Finance Corporation-provided insurance.  The United States further protects Belize’s agricultural industry through the Belize Medfly Surveillance Program, which prevents the spread of the Mediterranean fruit fly (medfly), one of the most destructive food pests in the world.

Bilateral Economic Relations

The United States is a principal trading partner and source of investment funds for Belize.  Trade in goods between the United States and Belize totaled $ 479.7 million dollars in 2021.  Tourism attracts the most foreign direct investment, although U.S. investment also is found in the agriculture and energy sectors.  A Country Commercial Guide for Belize is available from the U.S. Embassy’s Economic/Commercial section.

Belize’s Membership in International Organizations

Belize became a member of the United Nations following its 1981 independence from the United Kingdom.  Belize and the United States belong to a number of the same international organizations, including the United Nations, Organization of American States, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and World Trade Organization.

Bilateral Representation

Principal U.S. embassy officials are listed in the Department’s Key Officers List.

Belize maintains an embassy in the United States at 2535 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20008 (tel: 202-332-9636).

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