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INL establishes partnerships with federal, state, county, and municipal criminal justice agencies and departments across the United States. These active-serving U.S. partners help their foreign counterparts build capacity, improve efficiencies, and deliver effective criminal justice services. INL partners include state and municipal police departments and sheriff’s offices; state attorneys general, municipal public defenders and court administrators; port security agencies; state corrections departments; and federal law enforcement agencies.

Miami Dade police training course


We invite you to hear from two INL partners, the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency, about their experiences partnering with the State Department and INL on international corrections and law enforcement reform efforts. Since 2015, the Texas Department of Public Safety has assisted INL with training and mentoring police agencies in seven countries in the areas of crowd control, defensive tactics, police accountability, and probationary training of new recruits. The Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency has assisted INL with study tours, training, and technical assistance focused on electronic monitoring and alternatives to incarceration since 2011.

Texas Department of Public Safety



Police officers kneeling near cruiser

Identify Needs: In support of U.S. foreign policy and security objectives, INL works with a host nation to identify key areas for criminal justice system reform using U.S. expertise.

Partner Selection: INL works with U.S. partner agencies to determine their availability and expertise to assist.

Formalized Mechanisms: Once a U.S. partner is selected, INL uses an established partnership mechanism to deploy a partner overseas or train foreign counterparts in the United States. This is done at no cost to the partner agency.

Deployment: INL representatives in Washington and at overseas U.S. Embassies assist partners before and during international deployments and when hosting activities in the United States to ensure success in their mission.

Post-Deployment: Upon completion of the project, INL reimburses partners for any deployment-related costs and partners submit a final report to INL.


  • Hosting foreign counterparts for training and educational study visits in the United States.
  • Deploying subject matter experts overseas to train, assess, mentor, and advise foreign counterparts and their agencies.


INL has received offers from U.S. law enforcement agencies to donate equipment and other items to assist our partners in Ukraine. There are certain guidelines these donations must follow. Should you be part of a law enforcement agency interested in donating to the Ukrainian State Border Guard Service and/or the National Police of Ukraine, please send inquiries to


INL partner agencies find that their staff benefit from the professional development opportunities associated with training foreign counterparts.

Some agencies build valuable operational relationships with the agencies they train, benefiting their local communities.

U.S. Department of State

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