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Good afternoon. It is my great pleasure to be the first U.S. official to offer my congratulations to the Director General-elect, Amy Pope.

I’d like to begin by expressing my gratitude to all of IOM’s Member States. Your depth of engagement on this election over the past eight months has been inspiring. Every campaign engagement Member States revealed your dedication to IOM as an organization and true commitment to the success of its mission.

I also want to underscore U.S. gratitude to DG Vitorino. Thank you for your service to this organization and its Member States over the past five years. We hope you will continue to offer your knowledge and experience towards public service and look forward to supporting your future endeavors.

Additionally, let me applaud you for running an honorable, constructive campaign while also managing IOM’s essential day-to-day functions during multiple migration crises. The United States Government is committed to maintaining a collaborative and productive partnership with you for the remainder of your term.

I am grateful for and encouraged by the broad-based, global support for Amy seen here today. Over the past nine months, Amy visited more than 40 countries in every region and as Director General, sustained global engagement is instrumental to her vision. I hope all of you will join the United States in supporting her and DG Vitorino’s efforts to address migration challenges, seize opportunities, and make IOM an even more representative, innovative, and forward-looking organization. I know that Amy will prove herself highly deserving of your continued support over the coming years as we address global migration opportunities and challenges together.

As the IOM’s largest bilateral donor, the United States pledges to continue our decades-long support for IOM and its core mission. We remain committed to ensuring the best possible future for Member States, migrants, and the IOM itself. Thank you.

Thank you again, and congratulations Amy.

U.S. Department of State

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