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This week, Norway repatriated two women and three children from displaced persons camps in northeast Syria. We are grateful to Norway and our local partners working to resolve the ongoing humanitarian and security crisis in al-Hol and Roj camps through this repatriation.

Approximately 10,000 individuals from more than 60 countries outside Syria and Iraq remain in these camps following the dismantlement of ISIS’ so-called “caliphate” by the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS. Repatriation is the only durable solution for this population, most of whom are children under the age of 12. ISIS, including its 10,000 fighters in detention centers, remains a persistent threat to the region and to the thousands of vulnerable residents in al-Hol and Roj. We urge all governments to follow Norway’s example and repatriate their nationals.

U.S. Department of State

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