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Under Secretary of State for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights Uzra Zeya led the U.S. delegation from Washington in a follow-on meeting of the October 2021 launch of the U.S-Mexico High-Level Security Dialogue hosted virtually by Mexican Foreign Secretary Ebrard. National Security Council Senior Director for the Western Hemisphere Juan Gonzalez also joined the U.S. delegation.  The two governments approved bilateral objectives and agreed to undertake actions in support of the U.S.-Mexico Bicentennial Framework on Security, Public Health, and Safe Communities, including continuing to work toward developing indicators to jointly evaluate the impact of our cooperation.

During the meeting, Under Secretary Zeya conveyed the importance of bilateral cooperation to address shared security priorities, including reducing the production, trafficking, and consumption of drugs, especially synthetic drugs, and mitigating associated harms; disrupting illicit finance and weapons trafficking that enable transnational criminal organizations and increase violence; and building transparent, accountable, and equitable law enforcement and justice institutions.

For more information on the Bicentennial framework, please see INL’s Remarks, Reports, and Releases Webpage.

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